Morelli Law Firm Has A Wide Range Of Expertise

1Since 1998, Morelli Law Firm has been helping injured and exploited clients to find justice and regain their dignity and peace of mind. Morelli excels in a variety of practice areas and helps clients who have been mentally, physically, or financially injured get the compensation they deserve.

Discrimination and Harassment
Morelli has a proven track record in victory over large corporations in discrimination suits. In 2000, they helped five minorities force NBC to a negotiated settlement in a discrimination case. They also hold the U.S. litigation record for the largest individual sexual harassment verdict for a $95 million judgment on behalf of a client. Morelli’s lengthy experience on these issues means that they understand the challenges victims face in coming forward, and they work to create a safe and welcoming place for clients.

Major Vehicle Accidents
Morelli Law Firm has extensive practice dealing with the complex financial and legal ramifications in commercial bus and truck accidents. Inexperienced attorneys struggle to meet the tight deadlines and rigorous documentation requirements involved in these cases, but Morelli has a successful record in winning large judgments from commercially-liable drivers. They have also been successful in aviation, marine, and railroad accidents.

Committed to Client Advocacy
When the average citizen has a claim against a major corporation, they almost always begin from a position of disadvantage. Morelli Law Firm levels the playing field for their clients, giving average people justice against vast companies. Morelli is willing to take on the tough cases against the biggest corporations and their expert team provides results.


Advocates for You

1Morelli Law Firm has built its reputation on fiercely advocating for our clients. Our lawyers are experienced and dedicated to recovering funds for those who have been wronged, whether by a corporation or an individual. We have recovered billions of dollars for people just like you. We have over 200 years of combined legal experience, in areas including employment discrimination and workplace sexual harassment.

Employment discrimination can be devastating. Despite state and federal laws that forbid discrimination due to race, nationality, gender, religion, age, disability status and sexual orientation, you may have experienced discrimination either on the job or during the hiring process. This is illegal, and you don’t have to suffer alone. Morelli Law Firm has successfully represented numerous clients who have experienced employment discrimination. We have represented clients against some of the largest companies in the United States. If your right to a fair and equitable work environment has been violated, Morelli Law Firm will advocate tirelessly on your behalf. Our clients’ interests is at the center of everything we do.

It can be difficult to come forward if you’ve experienced workplace sexual harassment. If you do come forward, though, we will work diligently with you and for you. Our firm has obtained the single largest sexual harassment verdict ever: $95 million. You are not at the mercy of an unfair or inappropriate employer. You can stand up for yourself, and we will stand with you. We have the experience and expertise to help you recover what you deserve.